Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Song and Dance Saturday in Tokyo (Part 2)

After the parade I decided to go to Shibuya (, which is a very trendy area of Tokyo to explore. Shibuya Crossing, the main intersection outside the train station is very famous for the extremely intense crowds. When you see videos on TV of huge numbers of Japanese people crossing the street in huge numbers going every which way chances are that you are seeing Shibuya Crossing. I took a video of Shibuya Crossing again sorry that part of it is sideways:

I eventually continued on to Yoyogi Park (, which is where the singing and dancing fun continued. First I ran into a group of people in a drum circle, so I guess drum circles in major parks aren't just restricted to Central Park in New York, nor are they restricted to the tarmac of third world airports (more on that one when I get my Africa trip written up).

Things got more interesting as I continued on through the park, first I ran into the group shown in these video:

They had basically set up a DJ on the sidewalk at the edge of the park and they were having a mini rave. Some of the people there were sketchy and clearly had some good drugs in them, so I didn't spend too much time taking video.

I wandered on and saw the highlight of the day, this guy:

He was a DJ, dancer and painter all in one. I won't even try to describe him, just watch the video, it's long but really really worth it, the one thing I will say is that the reason he dances off to the right from time to time is that he is dancing over to the woman in the audience he's painting. The other really interesting and random thing is that he wasn’t accepting money for his paintings, only food and drinks that the audience (25+ people) were buying him from street vendors in the park.

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