Wednesday, July 05, 2006

5 Random Funny Things about Tokyo from my first full week:

So during the week I don't have a ton to write about since I avoid discussing work, but here's five random things from the first half and my first full week in Tokyo:

1) The toilet seat in my hotel room has a heater and a lot of electric and moving parts, it definitely scares me because the heater is motion detector based, if I go near the toilet a small electric motor in the toilet starts making noises. I am especially afraid of the toilet because I noticed today that there is a sign in the men's room in the building I work in that says "warn children and the elderly not to sit too long on the toilet as burns can occur." Apparently the toilet seat warmer is a dangerous weapon.

2) I have already been given three pairs of slippers to wear since you aren't supposed to wear shoes in a lot of places, I'm sure there will be a ton more

3) You really have to wonder why CNN Japan switches to CNN in Spanish at 4AM, for those wondering why I know what's on CNN at 4AM, it's all about the jet lag

4) I love in the middle of the day here in Tokyo if I'm reading a website for a US based newspaper, for instance the NYtimes, the day will change in the US and all the content switches to the next edition, this happens about one in the afternoon here. The even stranger thing is that I will go home and come back to work and the US newspapers will still be on the same day.

5) I discovered last night that I have a couple more English language TV channels on my TV, Fox and National Geographic, you have no idea how big that is to me. This literally doubled my TV English language channels. The Japanese channels are entertaining for wackiness but you can't watch them for any real length of time, now I can watch Fox teenage girl drama and Cops. Oddly national geographic randomly switched to Japanese in the middle of a show about piranha’s the narration swapped to Japanese while the piranha’s were eating a bird, not sure why that was. But I guess if CNN can be in Spanish, then piranha’s eating birds can be in Japanese.

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