Thursday, July 13, 2006

Life with Gas

Pretty often on the streets of Tokyo you see Japanese advertising that has literal translations of Japanese to English, a lot of them are pretty funny. One of the funniest that I see on a regular basis is for a business in my neighborhood that I jog past when I run in the evenings that has this ad (click on the image to see a larger version which will make it easier to read):

The guy on the couch is what really kills me. I always laugh when I pass that place, I’m sure the locals on the street must thing I am nuts, from their point of view they just see me running down the street and all of the sudden I start laughing for what must appear to them to be absolutely no reason.

The ad has a whole series of cartoons that show why life with gas is good, clearly they mean life with natural gas in the home is good, but if you take it to have the other meaning most of these cartoons are pretty funny

Here’s the rest of the “Life with Gas” ads:

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